尺寸(cm):25.6 x 22 x 0.45




GU Gan, Chinese artist, starts his art career from Chinese calligraphy, then combines Chinese character with Western modern art abstract theory. Re-exploring the structure of Chinese character, GU GAN presents the beauty of Chinese character in a brand new way. In his works, GU GAN joints Chinese calligraphy and the vocabulary of Western linear structure. Often he applies hieroglyphs and oracle as prototype, then transforming them into totemic, allegorical calligraphy.


大音無聲: 陳庭詩鐵雕作品集



尺寸(cm):25 x 26.1 x 0.7




CHEN Ting-Hsih, born in Fujian, China, is a well-known Chinese artist. His works range from print, sculpture, ink-colored painting, acrylic painting, to calligraphy. This book includes CHEN’s iron sculptures in the later period, and two articles written by doctor LI Chu-Tsing and artist CHUNG Chiun-Hsiung. CHEN’s Iron sculpture is filled with vitality and modernity, blending rich and abundant Chinese culture with Art non figuratif. In the form of abstraction, CHEN pursuits truth, goodness, and beauty.



蕭北辰繪畫作品編年錄 第一冊1996-2002

蕭北辰 SHIAU Bei-Chen


尺寸(cm):20.5 x 29.8 x 0.9




Since studying in UK, SHIAU Bei-Chen has been breeding his interest in shadow, particularly its vagueness and ambiguity. He has applied different materials to present the ambiguity between textures. This book captures SHIAU’s works from 1996 to 2002, in which he mainly used “bleached white beeswax” to manifest the physical thickness and visual sense of distance between subject and shadow. In addition, this book also includes a statement written by SHIAU, and two articles written by critics.




陳永賢 CHEN Yung-Hsien

尺寸(cm):29.7 x 20.9 x 0.7




“The Song of Body,” in which CHEN Yung-Hsien applies human behavior and video as the medium. CHEN discusses different facets one encounters in life, as birth/death, chaos/harmony, desire/struggle, eternal/temporal, etc. Among work pieces, the strong religious color and Oriental spirit perform frantic yet placid visual interpretation. This book is a collection of CHEN’s art creation of this stage, including a number of art essays and artist statements, accompanied by photos for illustration, altogether presents multiple layers of CHEN’s works.




星星往事 作品集

王克平 WANG Ke-Ping


尺寸(cm):28 x 21 x 1.2




“Star Art Exhibition,” an unofficial exhibition staged by a group of Chinese artists named “Stars Art”, including HUANG Rui and MA De-Sheng, nearby the National Art Museum in Beijing, 1978. “Stars Art” artists succeeded in building up their reputation by the avant-gardeness and political implication of the exhibition. Though the group got arrested, which led to protest campaign afterwards, Stars Art indeed stroke a chord in Beijing. WANG, in “Star Recollection. Protfolio,” narrates the event in detail; in accordance with that, his works for the exhibition are listed.




I’ve been here before and will come again

王雅慧 WANG Ya-Hui


尺寸(cm):20 x 14.9 x 0.9


「 I’ve been here before and will come again」節選了王雅慧1998年至2012年以來數件代表性作品,以影像截圖輔以簡短創作論述的方式將作品依年份並列,除此之外,書中另收錄兩篇由簡子傑、王品驊所寫藝評,及一篇由黃建宏所主持的對談文稿。本書透過王雅慧本人的、他人(藝評人)對作品的觀察描寫,解讀王雅慧作品中的流動性及中介性。


“I’ve been here before and will come again” excerpts WANG Ya-Hui’s quintessential works from 1998 to 2012. In this collection, WANG’s video works are captured, placed in accordance with year, with brief captions. Besides, two art essays written by JIAN Tzu-Chieh and WANG Pin-Hua, and one interview conducted by HUANG Chien-Hung are included. This book offers readers a channel, through WANG’s own statement and delineation offered by others, to interpret fluxility and mediation in WANG’s works.








尺寸(cm):28 x 21.1 x 0.6




As the second work catalogue of GU GAN, this book includes his dozens of workpiece from 1999 to 2007. Dedicating himself in the revolution of Chinese calligraphy, GU GAN fuses abstract art in calligraphy, re-interpret Chinese character and water ink. His work has its position between writing and drawing. Within the abstract image, there are clues for Chinese calligraphy. Beside the works, this book also includes an art essay written by LI Szu-Hsien, which introduces GU GAN’s contribution to modern calligraphy and his important stand in detail.




蕭北辰繪畫作品編年錄 第二冊 2003-2008

蕭北辰 SHIAU Bei-Chen


尺寸(cm):25 x 28.7 x 0.6


繼2003年的第一本畫冊後,本書為蕭北辰的第二本作品編年錄,收錄其自2003至2008年間的系列作品及兩篇創作自述、一篇藝評,分別置於本書的前半部分。蕭北辰此一階段的創作,延續了先前對影子與蠟的熱愛,然而,他早先對於微觀景象的執著已不在,反而開始將注意力放在巨觀風景上。本書所收錄的「昫 2006」及「工作室景系列」便是屬於巨觀風景的描繪。


This book is the follow up of the first drawing catalog of SHIAU Bei-Chen released in 2003. As the second drawing catalog of SHIAU, this book includes his works between 2003 to 2008, and two brief statements, one article in the frontal part. In this stage of creation, SHIAU continues his interest in shadow and wax. However, compared to his previous concern of microscopic vision, he started to divert his attention to the macrostructure. The two series included in this book, “Warmth 2006” and “Studio Landscape” are both exact depiction of macrostructure.







尺寸(cm):28 x 24 x 0.9




SU Meng-Hung, exceled in appropriating Chinese traditional bird-and-flower paintings, transforms images with his flashy, resplendent, transient visual impression. Combining hand drawing and modern printing techniques, SU creates his stylistic collages. This book captures SU’s famous work series, including “Shadow,” “Distortion,” and “chi-in- ho-huan-san.” In addition to art essays, beginning of the book lies SU’s statement, which is worthwhile to ruminate over, and to collect.


郭奕臣 KUO I-Chen


尺寸(cm):16.6 x 26.4 x 1.5




KUO I-Chen, a well-known figure among the young generation of Taiwanese artists, is so far the youngest artist representing Taiwan in Venice Biennale. KUO’s works mostly elaborate on the artist’s personal experience in life. This book includes KUO’s works from the year he starts creating art, to the year of 2008. In addition to the work video, this book also excerpts parts of KUO’s interview, the art essay, his hand script, and documenting images.




王俊傑作品 若絲計畫:愛與死



尺寸(cm):24.1 x 17.2 x 0.8




“Project Prose: Love and Death” is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s last large installation, Étant donnés: 1° la chute d'eau / 2° le gaz d'éclairage. Through peephole on the door, desire, erotica, fear, misery, nature, and death is stealthily observed. From the covered, invisible subjects bred in Project Prose, WANG Jun-Jieh responds to the old, dusky civilizing question again: “What is Art?” This book, in addition to the series of work in “Project Prose,” also published an interview between curator HUANG Chien-Hung and WANG Jun-Jieh, and the statement of the artist.





林珮淳夏娃克隆系列 2011

林珮淳 LIN Pey-Chwen


尺寸(cm):26.6 x 20.6 x 0.5




“Best Weapon Against Myth is Perhaps to Mythify It in Its Return.” Through an artificial woman body with perfect figuration, LIN Pey-Chwen ironizes technology worshipping and patriarchism in human civilization, criticizing people’s endless pursuit for technological advances. More than ten years has LIN been breeding this whole series. This book includes her works for “Eve Clone Series” in 2011, her statement, and three art essays written by LIN Hong-John, Antoanetta Ivanova, and WU Chieh-Hsiang.




林珮淳夏娃克隆系列 2012

林珮淳 LIN Pey-Chwen


尺寸(cm):26.5 x 20.5 x 0.8




LIN Pey-Chwen uses Eve Clone, the mixture of human and butterfly, to warn the over-developed technological civilization. As an unnatural life form, Eve Clone represents the hidden threat technology may bring to human society. Additionally, the flawless figure of Eve Clone is a direct challenge to patriarchal imagination and female body’s objectification. Within the book, LIN’s new series of works and seven essays written by LIN, Hong-John and the others are included.







尺寸(cm):21 x 14.9 x 0.6




KENG Hao-Kang, who had worked in fashion industry, is an expert in alternative fashion mash-up. By constantly changing different styles, KENG tries not to define art in a concrete form, and not to categorize it as “out-dated” or “contemporary.” This book includes KENG’s works from 2010 to 2012. Viewers see his query to the status quo, and his questioning attitude.








尺寸(cm):25 x 18.5 x 1




The book includes 48 works of KENG Hao-Kang from 2011 to 2013, including drawing, device, photography, and hand script. Because of his cross-cultural background, KENG presents all sorts of pop culture icons and vivid colors in his works. Moreover, he applies multiple layers of point, line, surface, and colors, combining all the images and color, and produces his own unique trait in art creations.






廖文豪 LIAO Wen-Hao


尺寸(cm):29.7 x 21.1 x 0.7




LIAO Wen-Hao, graduated from Hua Fan University, Department of Fine Arts, Master Degree in Chinese Calligraphy of Fine Arts, adepts in contemporary ink painting. LIAO imbibes the spirit from his everyday practice of calligraphy, transforming the graceful lining and composition of pictures into aesthetic creations. This book is the work volume for LIAO’s first solo exhibition “Intentionally or Otherwise,” thoroughly representing his admiration for mother nature. In addition to the work pieces, this book also includes short poems composed by LIAO, and a critic essay written by CHANG Li-Hao.






柳依蘭 LIU Yi-Lan


尺寸(cm):29.6 x 21.1 x 0.7




LIU Yi-Lan, famous for her vigorously styled portraits, spends most of her lifetime in traditional market. Her works, consequently, elaborate mainly on traditional corrupt customs or inequalities against women. Every piece of work is a drama scene, most of which self-portrait, and LIU becomes the protagonist in every painting. This catalogue includes several series of works, “Fatal Attraction,” “Godsend,” “We Have No Method to Know the Truth,” etc.





張騰遠 CHANG Teng-Yuan


尺寸(cm):21 x 13 x 0.3




“What do you remember about future?”

The Future, referred by CHANG Teng-Yuan here, is not for time description, but for somewhere seemingly been to, but never been to in actual. The parrot man, man from the Future, in CHANG’s works, uses all sorts of ways to remember “the Future.” Through understanding (misunderstanding) the parrot man, who visits from Earth before Doomsday, spectators earn the chance to retrospect on ridiculous, but taken from granted, things.





張騰遠 CHANG Teng-Yuan


尺寸(cm):29 x 21 x 0.9




The drawing catalogue has compiled CHANG Teng-Yuan’s works from 2008 to 2014, including “Parrot Man x Archeology,” “Department of Eye Experiment,” and “The Scenery of Explosion.” As title of the catalogue, CHANG’s works offer a distinctive spectacle for viewers, enabling viewers to “bystand,” being an onlooker observing from different angles.





徐夢涵 HSU Meng-Han

尺寸(cm):23.7 x 23.7 x 1.6






Loss and trauma are pains unneglectable in life, as we cannot ignore or negate its presence. However, if we follow our values, realizing the merriness of life, then we will cross the borders between life and death, between pains, and receive comfort for the inner soul of you and me. HSU Meng-Han applies human bodies, blood vessels, and butterflies abundantly in her works, within which human bodies and blood vessels represent the flow of lifes and transient beauty, and butterfly has multiple layers of symbolic meanings.




一思一念 Mind Flow

廖文豪 LIAO Wen-Hao


尺寸(cm):25.6 x 25.6 x 2




This drawing catalogue of LIAO Wen –Hao includes LIAO’s “Re-creation of previously-created works” and “Human Mountains,” series in the early stage. In LIAO’s recent works, often there are signs of erasure or drawing techniques different from the past, but LIAO still manages to strike the balance between the two extremes, “copying forms” and “reappearing the intentions.”





渾沌之地 混種之島

On the Land of Chaos, the Island of Hybridity




尺寸(cm):25.7 x 18.4 x 0.45


第十三屆ART.FAIR科隆藝術博覽會,台灣當代藝術特展「渾沌之地 混種之島」,由策展人徐文瑞及十二位台灣當代藝術家協力舉辦,從台灣本地經驗出發,關注現代性中人與自然的關係,展現藝術與人文的反覆辯證。畫冊中收錄策展人與藝術家的簡歷、創作自述,及參展作品。


“On the Land of Chaos, the Islands of Hybridity,” Taiwan contemporary art show in the 13th ART.FAIR Cologne, was co-organized by curator HSU Manray and twelve Taiwanese contemporary artists. Starting from native perspective, they observe the relations between human and nature in modernity, and manifest the relational dialectics between arts and humanities. This book includes CV, statement, and work pieces for the curator and the twelve artists.




凝關 A Sympathetic Gaze

柳依蘭LIU Yi-Lan


尺寸(cm):20.7 x 20.4 x 1.2 cm








My gaze and sympathy address themselves to life,

Focusing on the solicitude and yearning of life,

The artist’s attitude toward art,

The regard that both processes of art making and life are practices,

And the overflowing beauty and love sourced from truth and goodness.





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